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Tadashi Sasaki was born in Tokyo. He was taught playing the guitar at an very early age by his father. Several times he arose the interest and admiration of the NHK (Japanese Government Radiostation).The first time he won the NHK competition (Japanese State radio) he was 13 years old. Since then, his recordings are broadcasted reguarly.

1966 he went to Germany. At the same time he worked with the Saarländischer Rundfunk (the local radio station). Working together with Siegfried Behrend, Narciso Yepes and José Tomas, he completed his studies, and since then has given several concerts in various cities of Europe.

Sasaki is the first Japanese to be a prize-winner in the International Copmpetition in Paris 1968. A number of composers have dedicated works to him. Regularly he is invited to give concerts at many festivals, e.g. at the "Internationales Festival Tychy" or "Gdansk Festival, Polen" and in his home country Japan. In Addition, since 1994 he is the artistic director of his own music festival, the Internatinal Musicfestival Weikersheim.

Since 1973, Tadashi Sasaki has lectured at the University for Music in Aachen, becoming a professor there in 1979.

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